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The Red Planet

By Mollye and Kelly Maxner.

The year is 2158 and Earth’s first community on Mars is three years old. Comprised of people from around the world, it is starting to thrive. And now the new "global community" is about to make history.   Studio Broadcast Mars is bustling with excitement. Built into the side of the volcano Olympus Mons, this studio chronicles Mars' scientific and artistic culture. Today, for the very first time, the studio will offer Earth a chance to see what life is like on the Red Planet.   Pete Flick, head broadcaster, has been working with his friends to create a fantastic transmission.  They’ve put together a program focusing on the people who have made life on Mars a reality.  In addition to illustrating the challenges of adapting to an unfamiliar environment, the broadcast will feature live music by the Martian colony’s first band and a comedy about the adventures and misadventures of a Martian child.   At first, everything in the broadcast proceeds as planned -- but then something goes terribly wrong.  Despite the mishap, Pete is determined that the show must go on.  Using the skills and talents of his friends, Pete thinks on his feet, looking back into Earth’s broadcast history to discover a creative way to make this first Red Planet broadcast a roaring success.

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