Open Dream Ensemble Technical Rider

June 2007

Open Dream Ensemble productions have the following Technical Requirements for Presenting Venues. If you have questions about these requirements or need to discuss possible changes, please contact Rebecca Nussbaum at 336-782-7837.

Show Information

Open Dream Ensemble is comprised of eight performers (two actors, three dancers, and three musicians) and one Production Manager. Tour Management will contact Presenter at least 48 hours prior to performance. The ensemble will arrive 2 to 2.5 hours prior to performance.

Open Dream Ensemble productions run approximately 50 minutes and do not have an intermission. Please check with the Production Manager prior to opening the house; generally, Open Dream is ready 30 minutes prior to show. Late seating is at the discretion of the Front of House staff.

No pictures, video, or sound recording is allowed. If the Presenter needs to take pictures, expressed written permission must be obtained from Open Dream Ensemble Management. Flash photography during performances is not allowed under any circumstances.

Please note that the use of your theater by the Open Dream Ensemble is considered to be exclusive. No other activities may be scheduled to take place on the stage during the time the company is in residence.

Load in and load out
Open Dream Ensemble productions take approximately two hours to load in. Assistance moving set, costumes, and props is appreciated but not necessary.
Please discuss loading / unloading logistics with the Production Manager.

Crew requirements
Presenter must provide:
Load in
An Electrician to run the lighting console for any last minute focus and rehearsal required, and who is able to patch our sound system into the house system.

If Open Dream Ensemble vehicles cannot stay in loading area, Presenter must make arrangements for parking.

One Electrician who will run lighting console during the show.
Front of house personnel as deemed necessary by the Presenter.
If Main Curtain is being used, Presenter will provide operator

Load out
Open Dream Ensemble productions tale approximately two hours to load out. Assistance is appreciated but not necessary.

Open Dream Ensemble minimum requirements are as follows:
30ft X 16ft performance space – cleaned, swept, and mopped.
15+ foot ceiling.
Non-carpeted, even flooring.
Two 110 volt 15 amp electrical outlets within 50 feet of the performance area.
If there is a crossover in the theater, it must be cleared.
Two private, clean, lockable, dressing rooms with full-length mirrors, power outlets, heating, cooling, and ventilation capable of maintaining a temperature between 68 and 85 degrees Farenheit.
Two clean, accessible bathrooms with working hot and cold water, available for the exclusive use of the company.
3 chairs in both stage wings.
If available, appropriate black stage masking should be hung, providing a complete black surround with two entrances stage left and stage right.

Tour Management will send light plot and specifications two weeks prior to the load-in date. The Presenter will provide all necessary lighting instruments, gels, and lighting console operator. The light plot requires 10 front of house and a minimum of 36 over stage lighting units.

Lighting instruments should be hung and focused with patch and cues input into the light board prior to Open Dream Ensemble’s load-in.

Open Dream Ensemble travels with wireless microphones and receivers. All sound cues will be run by Open Dream. Whenever possible, the sound will be

patched into the Presenter’s house system.

Please inform Production Manager in advance of all radio frequencies used in the facility that might interfere with our wireless sound system.

Scenic and Props
Open Dream Ensemble travels with all necessary scenic and prop elements. Please provide one prop table in center stage.

Open Dream Ensemble travels with all necessary costume elements. A wardrobe crew is not needed.
Open Dream Ensemble requires the use of one clothes washer and dryer after each performance.

Hospitality and Catering
Please provide:
1. 20 bottles of room-temperature water (not carbonated).
2. Fresh fruit (washed).
3. If Open Dream Ensemble is performing twice or more on the same day, a hot meal must be provided. Management will advise regarding dietary restrictions and time.

Lodging and Travel
5 double, non-smoking hotel rooms are required. These should be in close proximity to the performance venue (within a 15 minute drive) and be safe and clean.

Please negotiate travel with Tour Management.

Complimentary Tickets
A minimum of 10 house seats for each performance should be set aside. Tickets not being used will be released no later than an hour before the performance.

Open Dream Ensemble Tour Lighting Plot

Open Dream Ensemble Tour Lightwright Paperwork

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