Big Shoes

Big Shoes
by Michaela Morton

A New Original Production of the Open Dream Ensemble

Music by Ted Oliver, Bruce Tippette, and Kenneth Florence

Gordy is always trying to fit into his big brother’s shoes. Alex is popular, athletic, daring and cool. Everything Gordy thinks he wants to be.

So when he hears of Alex’s daring feat climbing up Mount Blacklock, he packs his bag and treks off to follow in his big brother’s footsteps.

But once in the Blacklock woods, Gordy’s encounters with the singing Ish Triplets, the confounding animal world of Topsy Turvy, the sinister Robber of Soles, and the wise Cobbler make him understand that sometimes you have to follow your own directions, make your own choices, and wear your own shoes.

Join Gordy as he discovers that life is better when your shoes fit!

This delightful story is geared for K – Grade 5 and connects to the standard curriculum in English Language Arts, Science, Math, Guidance, Music, Dance, and Theater.


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   because we believe creativity is important!

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