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The Amazing Adventure of
Anna Marie - an original story dramatizing the power of questions, courage, determination, and the imagination.

By Mollye and Kelly Maxner.

The class erupts in laughter and twelve-year-old Anna Marie is mocked by her fellow students when she asks if Benjamin Franklin tied bifocals to his kite in order to discover the connection between lightning and electricity. Feeling confused and flustered, she resolves never to ask questions and never to return to school. But everything changes when she falls asleep and her dream leads her on an adventure that includes a singing pirate, a silver sailfish, dancing crickets, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, a luck dragon, and a final revelatory encounter with Benjamin Franklin himself.

"The Amazing Adventure of Anna Marie" Movie

K-5, Curriculum ties: social studies, literature, science, music, dance, theater September – November 2007
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